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Winter-Spring 2021

The Challenge to the Church during Covid-19

The Very Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas

The Covid-19 pandemic has called the church to account for whether or not we live into the aspiration to be church has much to do with how we respond… to the “disinherited” classes of people like the poor and people of color, those rendered most vulnerable to Covid-19.

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Last Act

The Rev. Curtis Hart

The author writes of his delayed exit from his post as editor of the Journal of Religion and Health and the result – a special section titled Religion and Health Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. “The Spirit,” he writes, “has a strange way of working when historical events and moral obligation seek and find one another.”

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Worship in the Land of Trolls and Bombers

The Rev. Jennifer M. Owen

Is the church online the mission field that desperately needs the Gospel and the grace of God? Just when we were most willing to abandon it for the hate it bred, we were dragged kicking and screaming into it.

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Staten Island Vaccine Fairy

The Rev. William Baker

The tireless efforts of Jody Stoll, a member of St. Mary’s Church, Castleton, to “help any senior who was having trouble finding [vaccine] appointments online or struggling to use technology to make those appointments, especially people of color or other marginalized groups.

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Back to the Beginning: A Conversation with Mitchell James Kaplan About His Novel, Into the Unbounded Night

Stephanie Cowell

Email conversation with Mitchell James Kaplan, author of Into the Unbounded Night, about “the first century’s scrappy beginnings of Christianity and Post-Second Temple Judaism.”

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How Has the Pandemic Affected Your Faith?

Rick Hamlin

When I hear people use the phrase, “when life gets back to normal,” I want to shout out, “No, no. We should be in a new normal.” Hasn’t all this forced-in solitude and isolation taught us anything?

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Building a New Platform

The Rev. Stephen Setzer

Could an online platform “whereby all Episcopalians could connect with a small group regardless of their
parish size” be a part of our future?

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Four Ways COVID-19 Changed the Church

The Rev. Dr. Robert D. Flanagan

The results of May 2020 and January 2021 surveys of Episcopalian responses to the experience of virtual worship.

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One Chaplain’s Perspective

The Rev. Deacon Richard P. Limato

A hospital chaplain’s experience as a non-Covid emergency room patient at the height of the pandemic, and as a chaplain ministering to patients.

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Desafíos y Oportunidades

The Rt. Rev. Andrew ML Dietsche

Puede ser que estemos en un momento de gran oportunidad en el mundo y en la iglesia.

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Bishop Andrew ML Dietsche