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Winter-Spring 2021

Partnership of Faith for New York City Launches Covid Victims’ Burial Program

On Tuesday, March 9, the Rev. Brenda Husson, rector of St. James Episcopal Church-Madison Avenue, along with members of the Partnership of Faith for New York City, made a solemn trip to the morgue where refrigerated trailers are utilized by the city’s Office of the Medical Examiner for the approximately 300 victims of Covid-19 whose…

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2020 – 2021 Ordinations

Ordinations from March 2020 (pre-pandemic), September 2020, and March 2021.

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Global Mission in the 21st Century

Elis Lui

In the 21st century, the colonial history of Christian mission cannot be denied. My family’s history with Christianity can be traced back to Rhenish missionaries from Germany. American imperialism shapes the context for socio-politico-economic conditions in Puerto Rico and for the initial separation from the Episcopal Church in Cuba in 1966. My own relationship with Anglicanism is always held in tension with the history of British colonialism in my native Hong Kong. Yet I have been humbled to experience and participate in the Diocese of New York’s commitment to transforming what “mission” work is and can be.

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Keeping Our Faith Community Connected

Jen Longley

The digital divide is not a new issue—there have been chasms between the “haves” and “have-nots” since technology began. Three main factors contribute to it: access to technology; digital literacy; and ability to use technology.

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Lessons from the 2020 Pandemic

Stanley Weinberg, LCSW, BCD

When we suddenly learned in mid-March 2020 that we were in the midst of a once-in-a-century pandemic, we found ourselves experiencing something like a war being fought on our soil—one in which the enemy is a virus hiding in those around us. Strangers, neighbors, friends, those within our support systems, even relatives and immediate family…

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Stepping into Unknown Territory: Initiating an Enhanced Video Ministry for a Virtual World

Thomas M. Reefer

When the Covid crisis struck and we were forced to abandon public worship here and across the nation, Manhattan’s Church of the Incarnation, like many other New York parishes, began to explore platforms for remote worship.

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Pamela A. Lewis

“I hope you are coping well during this chal­lenging time.” “How are you coping during this difficult time?” “How have you been coping after wearing only sweatpants for the last nine months?” These questions have been and continue to be the preamble to nearly every e-mail (or, sometimes, phone call) I have received since the pandemic was declared, like a war, upon our lives.

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New Ways of Doing

The Rev. Lisa P. Mason

Early on the afternoon of March 12, 2020, I received a call from one of the social workers of the Mamaroneck School District. She informed me that later that afternoon the announcement would be made that as of Monday, March 16, all schools in the district would move to remote learning due to the pandemic….

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Preparing Lay Ministers for Pastoral Care: Community of Hope International in the Diocese of New York

The Rev. Deacon Richard P. Limato

With the pandemic creating an increased focus on pastoral care, a new diocesan pastoral care training center for lay ministers has recently opened under the auspices of the Office of Congregational Development and Vitality. The Rev. Deacon Richard P. Limato describes the program, which is part of Community of Hope International (COHI).

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Modern-day old master: Jersey City painter depicts African Americans as Bible characters

Pamela A. Lewis

An interview with painter Tyler Ballon, who draws inspiration from Europe’s Old Master painters to document in paint “the struggle and pain still embedded in the contemporary Black experience, while interpreting these circumstances within the Christian narratives of faith and redemption.”

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Ballon. Deposition