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Winter 2021-2022


Barbara J. Wells

How do I feel, you ask me? How do I feel? My world’s become surreal. I’m adrift, worried, confused, alone. Oh, there’s plenty of conversation, plenty of laughter back and forth, to and fro across my phone. And seemingly never-ending texts dance upon the screens of all my devices. But Lord… I want a hug….

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Review of Courage to Thrive: Finding Joy and Hope in the Midst of Mental Health Struggles

The Rev. Dr. Charles D. Mayer

By Robert D. Flanagan. Foreword by Christine Moutier and Doreen Marshall. Redemption Press, 2020. ix-xi + 165 pages. Robert Flanagan, a priest in the Diocese of New York, spiritual director, and seminary professor, has produced a splendid spiritual journal drawn from his own courageous journey through the dark night of mental health struggles. Dr. Flanagan…

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Joy to the World

The Rev. James Lee Burns

For unto us a child is born Babies change everything. It’s  non-negotiable.   Out with old routines In with flexible themes. A diaper needs changing? Your schedule needs rearranging.   No matter your plans, there’s other demands, it’s out of your hands, so adjust.   And the learning curve arcs both ways, both baby and…

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Covid Commandment Lessons

The Rev. Dr. Rosalie Richards

It was the Church of Our Savior in Manhattan’s Chinatown that taught me the second Great Commandment. What is ironic is that I honestly thought I didn’t need to learn more: I know the Great Commandments—in 40 years of ordination I have preached on them, considered them, and done my best to apply them. They…

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Ten Seasons Strong – The Hyde Park Community Garden

Deb Belding

We have recently completed our tenth growing season at the Hyde Park Community Garden, which started decades ago as the dream and vision of long-time parishioner Allelu Kurten, who looked at the abandoned baseball field on the grounds of St. James’ Church, and thought about a garden instead. Fast forward to 2012, when Allelu was…

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You Have to Actively Love People

Kathryn Parker

Imagine what it would be like to have attended, supported, and loved a church for years, only to be unable to attend near the end of your life, and even to be forgotten. Around 2005, a parishioner of Grace Church, Middletown, began recording our services and either mailing or hand delivering CDs to our elderly…

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On Being – And Ceasing to Be – Your Bishop

The Rt. Rev. Andrew ML Dietsche

At the annual convention of the Diocese of New York last month I called for the election of a Bishop Coadjutor, by which I also announced my intention to retire. That announcement sets in motion periods of transition both for the Diocese of New York and for Margaret and me and our family. These transitions are now…

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Bishop Andrew ML Dietsche

Words to Live By

The Rev. Deacon Ann Douglas

Be Prepared. Stand Guard. Remember the Alamo. Live Free or Die. Keep Calm and Carry On. I’ve never been a joiner—never been a member of good community associations such as the Girl Scouts. I couldn’t wrap my curly head around joining and being “keen” on things like camping in skimpy tents and making a fire…

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It’s Time We Made People with Disabilities Feel Truly Welcome in Our Churches

The Rev. Deacon Eugene Bourquin

There are various ministries and missions around the Diocese of New York which serve people with disabilities. The diocese has two congregations of people with hearing loss, including the longest operating church for the deaf in the world. Elsewhere, there are ministries to people with intellectual disabilities, and individuals who are blind and deaf have…

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A Garden Revitalized in the South Bronx

Wendy Cañas

What a great year of gardening at St. Ann’s in the South Bronx during the years of 2020 and 2021, as members of St. Ann’s and of St. James, Madison Avenue in Manhattan have striven together to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth! Starting in October 2020, we…

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