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Fall 2020

The Living Water of Justice

The Rt. Rev. Allen K. Shin

When the COVID pandemic began, my wife and I took up daily walks in the park to keep us sane from being locked down at home and from the exhausting schedule of Zoom meetings. One day we saw a young White man riding his bike towards us. As he passed by, he swerved at us…

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Channeling the Rev. Peter Williams

The Rev. Charles Kramer

Imagining what the Rev. Peter Williams, Rector of St. Philip’s Church, Manhattan from 1826 to 1840, would tell us now about pandemics and the poor.

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A Southern Childhood

Kappa Waugh

I grew up in segregated Virginia in the 1940s to mid-1950s, a child of parents whose ancestors were 17th and 18th century Virginians. The last family immigrant was a Corsican in 1830. My grandparents’ old Bible had the names of six slaves written on the flyleaf. My parents were liberal Southerners, and we talked about…

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A Lesson from John Lewis

The Rt. Rev. Andrew ML Dietsche

Four years ago, when I had the honor of awarding the Bishop’s Cross to Nell Gibson, I referenced a passage in her memoir Too Proud to Bend in which she reflected on the long struggle of her generation of Civil Rights soldiers, now as that generation has begun to pass on with so much of…

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Bishop Andrew ML Dietsche

Six Poems in BLM-Tide

Kathy Bozzuti-Jones and The Rev. Dr. Mark Bozzuti-Jones

Poems by The Rev. Dr. Mark Bozzuti-Jones, and Contemplative photographs by Dr. Kathy Bozzuti-Jones.

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The Holy Spirit at St. Esprit

The Rev. Nigel J. Massey

Sometimes a racially jumbled and more-or-less thriving parish doesn’t come about through careful programs and strategies; it comes as a sort of happy accident of the Holy Spirit’s activity. When I came to the French-speaking church of St. Esprit in Manhattan in 1994 from England, the congregation was mostly made up of the descendants of…

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A Distinctive Point of View

Susan Fowler

I had a friend, a land surveyor, who was also an artist. When he got bored during setups, he would look around through his theodolite and sketch whatever caught his eye. He ended up with hundreds of  1-1/2 inch circular drawings. Since April, I have been answering calls and emails from people who, when the…

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Music and the Kingdom

Jeannine Otis

When I think of Thy Kingdom Come with regard to my work as a music minister, my mind goes to the entire phrase “thy Kingdom come, they will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”  Could the inspiration for “heaven on Earth” be found somewhere in the phrase “Beloved Community”—which is, after all,…

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Youth in the Time of COVID-19

Andrea Dedmon

Jesus said God’s Kingdom is like seeds—ones that fall all sorts of places—some being eaten by birds, others withering in rocky soil, and some bearing fruit. Other seeds grow into trees where birds make their nests. All the seeds, however, have that time when they are in the soil, and we don’t know what is…

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Yvonne Davies

A Black Lives Matter rally in my Westchester town 3 smart and motivated high school girls lead us Their skin is darker than mine. They were driven by fear and anger. This was something they needed to do. This was something I needed to do. We say BLACK LIVES, you say MATTER BLACK LIVES…MATTER; BLACK…

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