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Diocesan Convention Goes Virtual with Series of Weekly Roll-Out Meetings

This year’s 244th Diocesan Convention, which was scheduled to take place at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine on Saturday November 7, will—of course—now take place online, in this case via Zoom. The convention has, in fact, already successfully begun, with a series of one-hour Wednesday “Roll-Out” meetings featuring prayer, song and presentations by…

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Diocesan COVID-19 Information

Diocesan Offices Remain Closed The diocesan offices on the Cathedral Close at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue remain closed, and the Bishop’s staff continue to work from home. As of the time of writing, no date has yet been determined for a beginning of what will, when it happens, be a carefully-staged return to the office. Diocesan…

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Despite COVID-19, Anti-Racism Workshops Thrive Online

Roberta Todd

Sixteen parishioners within our diocese participated in a pilot Online Anti-Racism Workshop via four Zoom sessions from August 17 to August 24.  The committee generally has three workshops a year in the winter, spring and fall.   Covid-19 cancelled the spring and fall two-day in-person workshops which would have been available to those who needed this…

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