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Global Women’s Fund Update

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In this time of global pandemic, the Global Women’s Fund of New York (GWF) is continuing to empower Anglican women and girls in the developing world through education. Despite the challenges facing the Episcopal Diocese of New York caused by the sheltering-in-place mandate, the GWF has been able to meet our scholarship commitments worldwide and remain in contact with the global women whose education depends on our mission.

Importantly, however, the GWF Board recently has made hard decisions with respect to the current grant cycle.

First, scholarship awards will be delayed. In a typical calendar year, applications for individual scholarships would be considered in the winter and early spring, leading to an announcement in late May of that year’s scholarship recipients. In 2020, we believe it prudent, before awarding scholarships, to determine whether the institutions of higher education where recipients plan to matriculate will be able to remain open. This will delay the awarding of scholarships this year.

Second, no seminars will be funded in 2020. Each year, the GWF makes grants for educational seminars that reach a larger number of women and girls. This year, we seek to support efforts in developing countries to slow the spread of the coronavirus by not granting awards for seminars that would bring together large groups. In early 2021, we will consider whether seminar grants can then be made, and any pending applications from 2020 will be considered, if requested.

Despite these decisions, the GWF remains fervently committed to our mission of helping women obtain higher education that will equip them to be leaders for their local communities. Perhaps especially as a result of the pandemic, women’s leadership is needed more than ever for a better world. We are grateful for your past financial gifts to the GWF and bid your prayers for the women whose education you are supporting. Know of our gratitude for your generosity and our prayers for you.